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Core Cutting Cost Per Linear Foot in Dubai – Dubai is Known for its ever-growing infrastructure and fast-paced development. With its rapidly developing horizon, the demand for Core Cutting services is also increasing with its market size. Core cutting is a crucial process that is used in the construction industry to make precise cuts in concrete, and other building materials in this process cylindrical holes are made in concrete walls and floors with the help of specific machinery. In this blog, we are going to discuss the Core Cutting Cost Per Linear Foot in Dubai. Stay Tuned!

Al Sarh Technical is a well-known company in Dubai, known for its various construction services. If you are looking for Core Cutting Cost Per Linear Foot in Dubai, then you are at the right place. Al Sarh Technical can provide you with core-cutting services at a reasonable price.

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What is Core Cutting?

Core cutting is a process that involves cutting cylindrical holes in the concrete walls and floors for electrical and mechanical installations. For creating openings for wires, pipes, ventilation, and AC vents to fit through the method of core cutting in concrete is used. It is also used for making openings for windows, doors, and other architectural features. This process involves cutting concrete floors and walls without damaging the structural integrity of the building. The concrete removal device is made of steel pipe where you can see bits of stones tag onto its accomplishment.

How is Core Cutting Done?

Core Cutting is done by using specialized equipment such as wall saws, floor saws, and hand-held core drills. To perform core cutting, a small area of the paved path is marked off and prepared for cutting. Then the core cutting machine is positioned over the area and the diamond-tipped bits are lowered into the paved path. The equipment used for the process is designed to make precise cuts in concrete and other building materials damaging the integrity of the structure. The process involves cutting through the concrete and then removing the left-behind cylindrical core.
Benefits of Core Cutting Services

  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Does not damage the structural integrity of the building
  • Saves time and reduces construction costs
  • Minimizes disruption to building occupants
  • It makes it easy to install various services and features within a building

Why is Core Cutting Important?

It is important because core cutting allows for the installation of various features and services within a building without harming its structural integrity. This is essential for the proper installation of electrical and mechanical services and also for the safety and stability of the building. Core cutting is precise and accurate which results in clean and consistent cuts.

What is the Core Cutting Cost Per Linear Foot in Dubai

Al Sarh Technical's core cutting services are better than the other core cutting companies in Dubai. We also provide concrete coring and cutting services in Dubai at the best price. The average cost of core-cutting in Dubai is around $0.5 to $8 per linear foot. Specialized tools and equipment are used in Core Cutting to control the concrete removal. It serves different purposes:

Making Openings: Core cutting is used to create clean and consistent openings for doors, windows, vents, and air conditioning vents to fit through.
Demolition: Core Cutting removes damaged concrete sections and makes a way for renovations and repairs.
Precision Cuts: Concrete cutting enables accurate cuts for construction joints, expansion joints, and decorative designs.

People Also Ask for Core Cutting Cost Per Linear Foot in Dubai

Question 1. What is the average cost of Core Cutting in Dubai?

Ans. The average cost of core cutting in Dubai ranges from around $0.6 to $7.70 per linear foot.

Question 2. What is the maximum depth of core cutting?

Ans. There are up to 750mm cores available in the market. The most common in 14-in size is Cut-off Machines, which can cut to a depth of approximately 5 inches.

Question 3. What is the use of core cutting?

Ans. It is a method used for creating openings in pipes, wires, ventilating, or air conditioning vents to fit through. Core drilling is another way of saying the cutter is making precise, circular holes.

Question 4. How much does it cost per linear foot to saw-cut concrete?

Ans. The average cost is between $10 to $55 per linear foot to cut concrete with a saw. Concrete contractors near you can charge in the range between $50 to $150.

Question 5. What are the different methods of core cutting?

Ans. There are five different methods of core cutting which include Diamond sawing, Concrete wall sawing, Flat sawing, Core drilling, and Wire sawing.

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