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Demolition Permit Requirements In The United Arab - Demolishing a building is a tough process that is filled with multiple challenges. Moreover, it’s a complicated process that demands cutting-edge expertise and careful planning to avoid any damage to lives and nearby buildings. Well, there can be many reasons to destroy the property for instance illegal construction, property improvements, and others. For the demolition, you must follow the regulations issued by the region’s authority. In this blog, we will break down everything you need to know about Demolition Permit Requirements in The United Arab. More to come!

Demolition Equipment Market Analysis

With time, the construction and demolition industry has polished a lot. In the previous period, the workers used traditional methods like wrecking balls, cranes, and others to refurbish the building. These methods demand a lot of manpower, money, and time to get the job done effectively. But with time, new techniques and tools are invented to destroy the building that offers remarkable outcomes in a short period.

As per the report published by Future Market Insights, in the year 2021, the demolition equipment market was recorded at US$ 902.21 Million and was expected to rise at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period 2021-2032. The data indicates that people have shifted towards modern techniques for the demolition process.

Demolition Permit Requirements In The United Arab

As mentioned above, the demolition process required a meticulously planned strategy followed by the workers and owners. It is possible to destroy the building without a permit issued by the authorities.

Below we have uncovered demolition permit requirements in the United Arab:

Let’s explore!

Fill out the Application

The very first step for taking a demolition permit is to fill out the country's government's Demolition Permit Application. Fill out the essential details like plot no, contractor name, and building name. Moreover, you also have to mention which method: Mechanical, explosive, or other will be utilized for demolition. 

Documents Required

You also required some essential documents for a permit for demolition in the specific area. According to the official website of Dubai Development Authority, you have to submit a copy of the site setting out plan, indicating the area to be refurbished ( soft copy according to Circular no. 400)

  • Companies also need to submit a copy of the survey for seismic or vibration tests if the method of controlled explosion will be used.
  • For the mechanical method for demolition, the contractors required NOC from relevant Authorities including DEWA ( Dubai Electricity and Water Authority ) and Telecom Service Provider
  • For the Controlled Explosions method, you must need NOC from DEWA, Telecom Service Provider, Civil Defense, Police, Road and Transport Authority (RTA).
Other requirements:
  • The layout of fence/hoarding (soft copy as per Circular no. 400). 
  • Method statement, specific HSE & emergency plan along with the risk assessments
  • Also, conduct and submit a study of the impact including the environmental impact of demolition on the surrounding buildings.
  • Submit clear photographs of the site and project to be demolished.
  • Appointment letter signed by contractors, owner, and consultant.
Terms and Conditions 

1. According to the terms and conditions issued by the country’s authority if the customer will not start the demolition process within 3 months of issuing the permit, then he has to re-apply for the new permit.

2. All the documents including NOCs should be valid during the process of demolition.

Required Fees for Demolition Permit

Normal submission: AED 1.00 per ft 2 on total build-up area. Minimum fees required ( AED 200). For the industrial project, the total fees will be around AED 250,000. 

Moreover, the additional fee of AED 10 is applicable per transaction.

Wrapping Up!

The blog aims to inform about the Demolition Permit Requirements In The United Arab. Demolition is a complex process that requires carefully planned strategy and services to offer danger-free results. With time, the industry started using advanced methods for demolishing the building including explosive techniques and others. However, before demolishing the property in the region, contractors and owners must have a permit issued by an authority that we have discussed above.

We hope this blog will help!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Demolition Permit Requirements in the United Arab

Q1: Which is the best company known for demolition services in UAE?

Ans: If you are in search of the best company for demolition services at competitive prices in UAE, then AL-Sarh Technical Services is that name. We hold a demolition license and other legal requirements, plus we provide insurance to cover the loss of accidental damage.

Q2: What are the various services provided by your company?

Ans; Al-Sarh Technical Services is widely famous for its unmatchable concrete demolition, concrete scanning, concrete cutting, chemical anchoring, and others in UAE at fair deals.

Q3: Why do I need a permit for demolition from the authority in the United arab?

Ans; To demolish the property, the customer must have a permit issued by the authority for the safety of the nearby people, buildings, and others by fulfilling legal requirements.

Q4: When do I have to re-apply for the new demolition permit in UAE?

Ans: According to the country’s authority, if the customer does not start the demolition process within 3 months of issuing the permit, then he has to re-apply for the new permit.

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