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Diamond Core Drill Price in UAE - In the construction industry, diamond core drilling is one of the trending techniques to create holes in concrete. In UAE, there are many types of diamond core drill. Each has its specialties but varies in price. If you are from UAE, then this blog is here for you. Unveiling the Diamond Core Drill Price in UAE will help to purchase the perfect drill according to the project. 

Diamond core drilling can be filled with a lot of challenges. Operating the diamond core drill can be dangerous and impossible to handle by a non-professional. That’s why it is always recommended to hire a professional driller contractor or company to prevent major damage. Al-Sarh Technical Services is one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in UAE, that offers world-class services like concrete cutting, core drilling, chemical anchoring, and many more at competitive deals.

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What is Diamond Core Drilling

It is the type of core drilling that uses a circulated drill with diamond bits attached to it. It is a specially designed method to create the hole of the desired diameters in the hard platform, like concrete, glass, steel, etc. As we know, the diamond is the most expensive plus the most sturdy natural element that can tear the hardest. The diamond core drill also does the same work. 

Facts about diamonds that will blow your mind

  • Diamond is the hardest natural material on the earth. The only element that can cut the diamond is “ Diamond”.
  • The word diamond was derived from the Greek Word” Adamas” which means invincible.
  • Before the 18th century, most diamonds were discovered in India. 
  • They are made of solid and refined carbon.
  • Diamonds naturally form a century miles under the earth and come on the surface through a volcanic eruption. 

Diamond Drill and its uses

A diamond drill is a type of instrument that is carefully manufactured to create a tidy and perfect hole of the required diameter. Usually, the size of the diameter of the hole remains 8mm to 1500mm. It can also go more than 1500 according to the requirements of the clients. Moreover, it can be operated in both horizontal and vertical directions as per the demands of the customers. 

Diamond drills are mainly helpful in creating holes in strong bases like concrete, glass, steel, stone, tile, and many more. Diamond drilling can also used in any project where the clean hole and carefully measured holes are demanded like creating big openings for ducts, small holes for pipe installation, wires, and other electric work, concrete sample analysis, and so on. 

In crisp, with the help of a diamond drill, holes can be created to almost every depth that a customer needs depending upon the condition. 

Diamond Core Drill Price in UAE

UAE is one of those Arabic countries that is exceptionally popular for its modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical services. So, it can be easy to find the best diamond drill that will offer the finest outcomes. If you are in search of the best diamond drill with prices, then the following is a list for you that contains all about Diamond Core Drill Price in UAE.

Here we go!

DD 30 W Core Drill           (Price: From AED 20,393.30
DD 120 Core Drill              (Price: From AED 9,589.78)
Ideal Magnetic Core Drill   ( Price: From AED 1,080)
DD 150-U Cored Drill        ( Price: From AED 10,802.42)
DD 160 Core Drill              (Price: From AED 11,574.10)
DD 200 G02 Core Drill      (Price: From AED 13,227.70)
DD 350- CA Core Drill       (Price: From AED 21,8260)
DD 500-CA Core Drill        (Price: From AED 22,598)

Diamond Core Drill Price in UAE

Why Choose Al-Sarh For The Best Diamond Core Drilling Services in UAE

Al Sarh Technical Services is one of the leading companies in Concrete Core drilling. At Al Sarh Technical Services company, you will get a dynamic team of Diamond Core Drilling experts with brilliant core-cutting knowledge.
We are not limited to core drilling but are also renowned for offering top-of-the-line services like concrete cutting, chemical anchoring, concrete scanning, and many more. 

Moreover, our company uses cutting-edge technology and the latest instruments that make low noise, save the valuable time of the customers, and deliver mess-free, plus outstanding results. We care for the client’s investment and that’s why all our services are affordable in price. 

When it comes to following the safety regulations, we never compromise with them. Our company is strictly committed to safety guidelines which are followed at the project location, to ensure the safety of the lives and property. 

If you are curious to know more about us, then you can freely reach out to us. Following are the contact details.

Contact Details:

Address - P.O. Box: 5880 AJ, Al Jurf, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Street, Industrial 3, Ajman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Phone no. - +971 6 545 3200

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Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Core Drill Price in UAE -

Q1: Which is the best diamond core drilling company in UAE?

Ans: If you are from UAE and in search of the best diamond core drilling company, then go no further than Al-Sarh Technical Services as we are one of the top and most reliable companies that provide the services like concrete cutting, drilling, core cutting, chemical anchoring, etc. at affordable prices. 

Q2: What is the price of a diamond core drill in UAE?

Ans: Well, the price depends upon the type of diamond core drill you want to buy. But still, try to give you the idea that the price starts from AED 1,080.

Q3: Why diamond core drilling is trending in the construction industry?

Ans: Nowadays, diamond core drilling is quite popular in the construction industry. Because it is one of the most effective methods to create the precise holes of the required diameters. You can easily create openings in concrete, metal, stone, tiles, etc. without any mess.

Q4: What is the definition of diamond core drill?

Ans: It is a type of instrument that is carefully manufactured to create a tidy, perfect hole of the required diameter. Usually, the size of the diameter of the hole remains 8mm to 1500mm.

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