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Safe Demolition Practices for Residential Buildings - Today, if you want to construct or demolish a building, you have to get permission from the government. You cannot demolish any building of your own will. No matter what the reason. All types of services are available 24/7 for building owners in Dubai. In this article, we will talk about Safe Demolition Practices for Residential Buildings. Get complete information.

There can be some basic reasons behind the demolition of a building, such as if a building has ended its useful life, it is demolished to rebuild it. One reason could be that its structural integrity has been damaged and requires repair. Or the owner wants to make it beautiful and new to fetch a higher price. However, some parts of the building that have become older need to be rebuilt or the property owner is planning to sell it.

What authorization is required from the government to demolish a building?

To demolish the building, you have to apply online, and you have to complete the steps given there so that you can get permission. Are you ready to understand its steps?

Online application for demolition of building on UAE Government website

Dubai Development Authority


  1. Login to DDA Portal (Zoning e-Services)
  2. Create a new project for demolition
  3. Select Demolition Permit Application
  4. complete the application
  5. Upload the required documents
  6. submit the application

Pay fees

  1. Pay applicable fees
  2. Acknowledgement of receipt of the application will be sent

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Documents required for permission to demolish the building

  • Demolition Permit Application (In case of applying through the customer service centre).
  • Copy of site setting out plan, indicating the area to be demolished (soft copy as per Circular no. 400).
  • Copy of engineering survey for seismic or vibration test (only in case of controlled explosion).
  • NOC from relevant Authorities (for Mechanical method: NOC from DEWA, Telecom Service Provider) (for Controlled Explosions method: NOC from DEWA, Telecom Service Provider, Civil Defense, Police, RTA).
  • Layout of fence/hoarding (soft copy as per Circular no. 400).
  • Method statement, specific HSE & emergency plan, and risk assessments.
  • A study of the impact of demolition on the surrounding neighbouring buildings is to be submitted.
  • Photograph of the site.

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Safe Demolition Practices for Residential Buildings

What is demolition, and why is it essential?

If any building is old and no longer capable of standing, it is destroyed, which has to go through some legal procedures, in which the consent of the people around the building is also necessary. Before demolishing any building, a survey is necessary to prevent the danger arising from it.

When a building ends its life, the only option is to demolish it. If you do not do this, then the lives of many people can be in danger. Even after facing many disasters, the building was bound to collapse. Because the buildings have faced floods and storms, water seeps into their foundations, and they become internally weak.

Buildings can be demolished in two ways.

Humanly: when humans start demolishing buildings with hand tools, it takes a lot of time; this used to happen earlier. There is also a risk to a person's life in this.

From Machinery: Demolishing buildings with the help of machines not only saves time but also eliminates any risk to human life.

What things need to be kept in mind while demolishing a building

(1) Verification of documents: 

Whenever a building is demolished, permission has to be taken from the government to demolish it, so first of all, you have to read all the documents carefully and understand what is allowed in it. Which will have all the things like start time, end time, name of the owner, and precautions, so it becomes important.

(2) Survey: 

Before demolishing a building, it is necessary to inspect it, see the environment around it, understand its danger, and prepare a plan so there is no danger to human life and the environment around the building. Permission is also essential from the people.

(3) Wearing personal protective equipment: 

Whenever we do any work, we should take care of safety. These steps can be taken for your safety. Such as wearing a hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility vest/jacket, safety gloves, and steel-toed shoes. After wearing all this, we should work.

(4) Dust and noise monitoring: 

Whenever a building is demolished, noise and flying dust are very common. To prevent this, we can make some efforts like not throwing things from great heights to reduce noise. This will reduce noise. Use a water tank to control dust; this will prevent dust.

(5) It is important to have some facilities on the site:

 If work is going on at the site, it is important to have some facilities for the people working there; drinking water is most important. Along with this, the facility of a medical team on-site, provision of hot water, toilets, food items, and protection from extreme weather conditions, all such facilities should be available on the site so that essential items can be used on time.

Let's understand the gist of it. 

Here, we understood the rules for the demolition of buildings in Dubai, the permission process and how we can get permission from the government. We also tried to know what should be considered while working on the site. You must have liked this article. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your valuable time.


Question 1. Is any permission required to demolish a building?

Answer 1. Yes, to demolish an old building, you will have to take permission from the government. If you demolish a building without permission, legal action can be taken against you. For this, you will have to apply online.

Question 2. What is essential before demolishing a building?

Answer 2. Before demolishing a building, an engineering survey is necessary to assess the potential danger beforehand, and a plan is prepared to carry out the work so that there is no threat to human life.

Question 3. Why is any building demolished?

Answer 3. There can be different reasons for demolishing any building, which include the building being too old, its repair, new construction, or the owner planning to sell it.

Question 4. How can dust be controlled when demolishing a building?

Answer 4. Dust is very common when demolishing a building. You can use a water tank to control this.

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