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What is Concrete Cutting & its Importance - During the construction of the building, many factors play crucial roles. Whether it is a home or commercial construction, each factor has its’ own importance that is essential to building the finest infrastructure. Concrete Cutting is also one of them. In this blog, we will discuss the details of what is Concrete Cutting & its Importance. 

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Definition Of concrete

We often see the construction of a building in which the workers and engineers mix a specific amount of cement, sand, stones, and water and create a mixture of required consistency. This mixture in the building is everything. It is used to stick the bricks to complete the overall building. It is the concrete that gives the strong support to the whole property. 

In crisp, concrete is a very hard construction material that is made with cement, sand, water, and stones. The mixture is flexible and adopts any shape like pillars, pots, etc. It takes a lot of hours to dry and harden the concrete and offer us a stone-like material that is not easily breakable. 

What is Concrete Cutting& Importance

As we already discussed in the definition, concrete is a super hard building material that cannot be easily broken, cut, or modified with the normal techniques and equipment. That’s why the special process used by many technical services is “ Concrete Cutting”. 
Concrete Cutting is a strategically designed technique that is very important to do some improvements in the building. It helps to remove, cut, or modify the concrete. If you want to make some changes to your property to look better and artistic and remove the unwanted concrete, then you can choose the concrete cutting services. 
The tools and equipment required for the concrete cutting are sharp and cannot be easily operated and handled by a normal person. That’s why you should always hire professional concrete cutting services because they have years of experience and expertise in the construction and cutting industry. So they will guide you about what will be best for your property. 

The following are the methods of concrete cutting. Let’s have a look 

Core drilling 

Core drilling is the first method of concrete cutting that is not very expensive. The concrete cutter used the core drilling method to create a perfect hole in the hard concrete. For example electric connection, repair, plumbing work, etc. The sizes of the holes depend upon the needs of the customers. 

Wall Sawing

In this method, the concrete cutter uses sharp-edge blades to cut the wall to add the doors or windows. Because it is a tough and detailed process, you cannot manage it perfectly, That’s why we recommend you to hire a professional concrete cutter that will complete the requirements that you want to see in your home, workplace, or other buildings. 

Slab Sawing

This method required a lot of effort and perfection. Slab sawing is like cutting a piece of wall that can be cut by placing it on the floor. You have probably noticed the slab sawing, during the construction of bridges, roads, etc. 

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a technique, in which the metal wire is used to cut a huge amount of solid concrete. It helps to give accurate results with the perfect cuts. It is one of the quick and fast concrete cutting methods that is used by most concrete cutting services. 

What is Concrete Cutting & its Importance

Types Of Machines Used For The Concrete Cutting In Dubai

Here is a short list of types of machines that are often used for concrete cutting in Dubai

  • Concrete cutting Saws(Also called cons saws or road saws)
  • Floor saws
  • Coring machine
  • Concrete Cutting Disc
  • Diamond Cup Wheels
  • Cor Bits
  • Coring Machine


The blog aims to inform the readers about what is concrete cutting & its importance. Concrete cutting is a very special process for cutting hard concrete that is made with cement, sand, and water. It is required to improve the property that perfectly matches your requirements. Many methods are used to cut the concrete like wall sawing, slab sawing, etc. Additionally, several kinds of equipment and machines are used by professional concrete cutting services to cut the concrete. 

Why Choose Al-Sarh Technical Services for the Concrete cutting services In Dubai

Al Sarh Technical Services is the most renowned concrete-cutting company in Dubai. We are committed to providing the best technical services including concrete scanning, chemical anchoring, and many more at budget-friendly deals. With the legacy of years, we have earned incredible experience in the technical construction industry.

Our highly trained and professional team uses the latest equipment and technology to provide services that save the valuable time of the customers and give the best results. We always follow the safety guidelines on the project site which makes us the most trustworthy technical services provider company in the whole U.A.E.

If you have any queries regarding our company and services then you can reach to us. Below are the contact details.

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Frequently Asked Questions What is Concrete Cutting & its Importance

Q1: Which is the best concrete-cutting company in Dubai?

Ans: Al Sarh Technical Services is the best concrete-cutting company in Dubai. We also provide other services like core drilling, chemical anchoring, etc.

Q2: What is concrete in the building?

Ans: Concrete is a strong building material that is made with cement, sand, stone, and water. It is very hard to break and cut.

Q3: How can I contact Al-Sarh Technical Services?

Ans: You can easily contact us by dialing +971 6 545 3200 or dropping your questions at 

Q4: What is core drilling?

Ans: It is the type of technique used for concrete cutting. It is helpful to create a hole in the concrete. 

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