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Diamond Concrete Coring is a lightweight machine that is straightforward to install and disassemble. It is transportable and may even fit in an efficient vehicle. A three-person job is reduced to one with the help of a diamond saw coring machine. Using singlephase power with 20-ampere voltage, which is quite simple to find everywhere, including at home, is the quickest way to the core in concrete from beginning to end.

Diamond core drilling is a popular technique for holes into concrete. Downward pressure and high rotation and advanced drill bits are faced with diamondimpregnated steel. The most familiar module for diamond saw coring machine is DD 200 (Hilti) and DMS 430 (Husqvarna).

Diamond saw core drilling is used in the construction sector to make holes for accurate circular cuts, openings for plumbing and drainage pipes, places for electrical wiring, places to install HVAC systems, manhole test holes, and many other things. To make holes for the diamond cutting wires to pass through, core drilling is also used.

The diamond saw core drilling equipment comes with a variety of accessories, including a vacuum, coring stand, water and scullery management systems, core bits, and more.

This plug-and-play vibrated free coring machine is made to be simple, dependable, and user-friendly so that infrequent users may start using it right away.

Water need always be available to the diamond saw coring machine in order to maintain the core-bit cool and even manage the dust.

The area can be kept free of water and slurry by using the water and slurry management system, which is a separate unit that can be used with a coring machine. This eliminates the need to clean the area later.

A coring machine that can be moved from one location to another without the assistance of additional people is also easy to install.

The core-bit is frequently needed for coring work and is the main component of the coring machine. It produces holes that range in diameter from 20 to 500 mm with a standard depth of 400 mm, but if a deeper depth is needed, an extension for core bits can be used to coring depths of up to 2500 mm with ease.

Technique for coring diamond saws.

Assembling and installing the coring machine with various core bit sizes as needed first, then anchoring to the base of the machine using unfix. Check for appropriate installation and operation of the coring machine before assembling and installing the drive unit if needed.

Start the concrete coring process in accordance with the markings and run water continually to maintain the core bit cool at all times. The cored material or waste typically remains inside the bit's barrel, where it can be quickly and safely removed.

The Date sheet of the Diamond Saw Coring is below.

Diameter Range : 35 - 500 mm
Base Material: Concrete
Operation Mode: Rig-based drilling system
Number of Gears: 3
Min. generator Power: 10 kVA
No load RPM: Gear 1: 240 rpm; Gear 2: 580 rpm. Gear 3:1160 rpm
Weight according to EPTA Procedure 01/2003: 14.6 kg
Weight of complete system: 36 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 630 x 190 x 215 mm
Weighted emission sound pressure level: 93 dB (A)

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