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A diamond saw is a concrete cutting machine that cuts all many kinds of shapes in concrete, asphalt, and in block works. This makes a cutting job easier, faster, and vibrate-free to save the rest of the structure from affecting. The most familiar models for diamond saw concrete cutting machine is DS TS 32 (Hilti)
and WSP 4000 (Husqvarna).

Cutting tools such as a blade is a circular-shaped and sharp edges tools used to remove the concrete from a particular structure to obtain the desired shape, size, and accuracy.

Diamond saw cutting is one of the most commonly used processes in the construction industry, in this technique, diamond blades and wire are used for concrete cutting. The blade surface is encrusted with diamond bits which make the tool capable of cutting through any building structure. The hardness of the diamond is peerless.

There are many types of cutting have using for diamond saw machines.
  • Slab Saws
  • Wire Saws
  • Core Drilling
  • Wall Sawing
  • Concrete Saw Walk Behind or floor saw cutting

The diamond saw cutting technique is a controlled process that removed or modifies concrete as required. As concrete is much thicker and stronger than many other materials in construction, therefore it requires a special process when you need to cut into it.

There are many kinds of diamond blades, and they have many uses, such as cutting concrete, asphalt, bricks, ceramic, etc. in the construction industry, it can last between 100 – 150 meters of cutting for continuous use, depending on the quality of the blade and material used for cutting.

It can cut through 12 to 14-inches or 73 cm of concrete depth with the saw blade, while the cutting depth will be increased by replacing the blade with diamond wire. 

It is wise to use a strong electric power source for cutting machines to increase their speed. They also become easier to use and are less noisy. This is even more so if the focus is on the depth of the cut as opposed to the noise created when in an enclosed environment, the blades/wire temperature is controlled with the use of water.

Diamond wall saw cutting procedure:
  • Identification and marking of the area to be cut.
  • Marking will be a clear line drawn with a water-resisting marker pen
  • The surface of the concrete will be marked.
  • Anchoring of guide tracks
  • Assembling and installation of the cutting machine over the job
  • Assembling and Installation of drive unit as required
  • Connecting hydraulic hoses between the drive unit and cutting unit
  • Check for proper installation and running of the cutting machine.
  • Start Horizontal and then Vertical Cutting along the marking. Removing the cutting machine after completing the cutting. Important note: Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine – 3phase, Min. generator power: 60 kVA (Hilti)

Diamond wall saw cutting machines, cuts in walls and slabs, made through a process that vibrates less, are used in construction for many reasons. Accurate, cuts are frequently needed for the renovation of the building façade or to create openings in walls and slabs for doors, windows, lifts, AC, and many more. 

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