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Top 10 Technical Services Companies In Sharjah - In the fast-paced era, the world is running over advanced technology. From crafting a needle to building a giant infrastructure, we cannot even imagine the beginning without the help of technical equipment and services. Sharjah is one of those places in UAE, that rapidly entering into the technological world to meet their requirements. If you are from Sharjah, then this blog will be beneficial for you. It will tell you about the Top 10 Technical Services Companies In Sharjah.

Al Sarh Technical Services is a well-known company that satisfies all the customer's needs with our finest services at budget-friendly costs. In the construction and technical industry, we are going upwards to the stairs of success. If you want more information contact us by dialing +97165453200 or email at

List Of Top 10 Technical Services Companies In Sharjah

The following is the list of Top 10 Technical Services Companies In Sharjah. Let’s know about them.

Al Sarh Technical Services

Introducing the leading technical services in Sharjah which is no other than Al Sarh Technical Services. We provide the best concrete cutting, drilling, and scanning services in Sharjah. Our hardworking team is always prepared to reach the goal of the client's requirements.  Also, our services have a budget-friendly rate making it easy to afford for the customers.

Belal Construction and building equipment

To meet the needs of every client, this technical service provider firm works hard day and night. Belal Construction and Building Equipment Rental is the most reliable supplier for the rental of construction and building equipment.  They provide services from core cutting to demolition.

Prime Edge Technical Services LLC

Prime Edge Technical Services is a prominent technical services provider in Dubai and also in Sharjah, Abu-Dhabi, and Azman. The company uses advanced techniques to provide the finest demolition services in Dubai. Moreover, the excellent services that they deliver to their clients concrete core cutting, wall saw cutting, hand saw cutting, etc.

Al Buraq Al Abyadh AC Units Fix Cont.

Another technical services provider firm, that offers premium quality services to their customers. This company is basically an Air Conditioning Contractor in Sharjah. From annual to single service packages, the company always gives satisfaction to their clients. Since 2014, the company has been delivering its technical services from all over the UAE to every customer commercial, retail, and residential. Their services include AC Installation, HVAC rebuilding, maintenance and repairs, filtration,  etc.

NRM Concrete Co.

National Ready Mix Concrete Co. also known as NRM, is one of the leading technical services providers in Sharjah, UAE. The company is a supplier of ready-mix concrete. Not only in Sharjah but also in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, etc., the company has successfully expanded its business. If you are struggling to find the best concrete supplier, then NRM is waiting for you.

Al Safa LLC

Al Safa LLC is specifically known to provide the highest quality of services in the mechanical and electrical industry. The company provides budget-friendly rates on its services and uses advanced technology to satisfy the needs of customers The top-class services they offer to their valuable customers covers electrical works, control system, firefighting system, security system, etc.

Al Wafa & Al Safa General Maintenance L.L.C

While working on the project site, It completely follows the guidelines for safety, a pollution-free environment, and a healthy culture, ensuring the clients that they hire a professional and reliable firm. Their services include concrete core drilling, chemical anchor fixing, and many more.

Al Faiez A/C Units Fix.Cont.

This technical services provider company is a popular electromechanical contracting in Sharjah, UAE that has operated a wide range of electromechanical works all over UAE. When it comes to client satisfaction, this technical firm always puts it as the top priority. The technical services they offer completely follow the rules of safety and best quality, that’s why the company has a strong and reliable bond with their clients. The services they offer include Chilled water piping, Air conditioning Contractors, AC Installations, and many more.

Aries Technical Contracting L.L.C

Aries Techincal Contracting L.L.C is known to offer top-quality technical services in Sharjah. From technical services to building maintenance, the company offers a variety of services to its clients. In short, it is popular to provide the best and most reliable services to its customers. Not only in Sharjah, but it also delivers its technical services in Doha and Qatar.

Core Cutting

Lastly, this technical company also comes under the list of top 10 technical services in Sharjah. They provide technically advanced services in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Their experienced and professional engineers do their best to overcome all the challenges to meet the requirements of the customers. From plumbing to electrical work, Core Cutting will always be ready to reach the site.


The objective of this blog is to provide detailed information about the Top 10 Technical Services Companies In Sharjah to the readers. All the above technical services are highly reputable and provide the finest services from concrete cutting to building maintenance at affordable rates. Also, some of them included AC installation and repair services companies that also offer high-quality services in Sharjah.

Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Services Companies In Sharjah
Q1: Which is the best concrete-cutting company in Sharjah?

Ans: Al Sarh Technical Services is the best concrete cutting, scanning, and drilling company in Sharjah.

Q2: Are the technical services these companies providing affordable in rates?

Ans: Yes, all these technical services in Sharjah provide the best technical services to their customers at affordable prices.

Q3: Do they use technically advanced equipment?

Ans: Yes, all these companies use the equipment of the latest technology which gives the best results in less time.

Q4: How can I contact Al Sarh Technical Services?

Ans: You can contact us by dialing +97165453200 or email at

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