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Concrete Core Drilling In Dubai - Concrete core drilling is a versatile process used for various purposes in Dubai. It is a safe and effective way to create openings in concrete. If you are searching for the best Concrete Core Drilling In Dubai, you are at the right place. In the end, we have suggested one of the top companies in Dubai that provides Concrete Core Drilling services.

It is easy to find a Concrete Core Drilling company in Dubai. However, what is a challenging task is finding the best Concrete Core Drilling company that can meet all your needs. Al Sarh Technical Services Company will satisfy you with the services. We are renowned for precise drilling at an affordable price. If you want more information about our company, you can call us at +971 6 545 3200 or drop a message at

Why Do You Need Concrete Core Drilling?

There are some points given below:

  • Naked punching through Concrete - Concrete core drilling is very helpful and makes it easier to break up the concrete or make holes to reach underneath. Everyone knows that getting through with stone and brick mixed material is very tough, especially when the job calls for clean cuts. So, Concrete drilling is required. 
  • Helpful in making cleaner cuts - Concrete Coring drill helps make cleaner cuts in the concrete, and there is less risk of cutting mistakes. This is because the core drills use the edges of the drilled hole. Moreover, this produces far less dust and debris than the standard drill.
  • Gathering Samples - One of the most important goals of concrete core drilling is to collect samples of what has been removed. The core drill will extract some of the material that has been cut or drilled, which means you can set the piece aside for further analysis. This analysis can help determine the goals for future projects related to the core sample: for instance, whether further testing needs to be done or any mining can begin.
  • To install anchors or bolts - It is also used to install anchors or bolts into concrete. This is required for hanging photo frames on the wall, mounting other equipment, securing heavy objects, etc.
  • Precise, fast and clean method - It is the most precise method of drilling that can help to prevent damage to surrounding areas. Moreover, complete the task quickly and with clarity.

Tips for Concrete Core Drilling Safety

Here are some tips for substantial core drilling safety:

  • Select the correct drill - The first tip is to choose the right drill according to the work. There are mainly two categories of core drills: Handheld models and larger units mounted on a heavy-duty rig. The Handled unit drill will work if you want a hole not more than 3 inches. However, safe and accurate drilling of any spot with a diameter larger than three inches will require a stand- or rig-mounted model. 
  • Choose the Right Drill Motor Option - If we talk about Core drill motors, these come in three formats: air, electric and hydraulic. These three are used in different situations and have their pros and cons. 
  • Choose the Right Stand Attachments - You have also seen that Concrete core drilling is mainly used on horizontal surfaces, but in many cases, it needs to work on vertical or angled surfaces. So, for different situations, different attachment is required. However, professionals frequently use additional safety chains to minimize the risks of accidental drill slippage.
  • Depth of the Hole - While creating a hole up to a foot in depth, you can safely complete your task with a drill outfitted. However, for deeper holes, you will need other accessories called barrels. Just use the type of barrel extender needed to reach your required depth.
  • Your safety must be your priority - At the time of drilling, do not forget to wear goggles all the time, earplugs to prevent hearing damage, gloves to avoid hand injuries and others. Most importantly, make sure you read and understand the operator’s manual for the drill you use.

Concrete Core Drilling In Dubai

Why choose Al Sarh Technical Services company?

Al Sarh Technical Services is one of the reputable companies in Concrete Core drilling. At Al Sarh Technical Services company, you will get Concrete Core Drilling experts with in-depth core-cutting knowledge. The company has been providing services to Dubai’s people for many years. The company is renowned for delivering exact drilling and guarantees of best customer service. 

Apart from this, We use cutting-edge technology and modern equipment for all services to provide quality work. Its use of advanced robotic technology and diamond drilling techniques ensures the highest level of accuracy in each project involving core cutting. If you are curious to know more about our company, then contact us through the following details given below: 

Contact Details:

Address - P.O. Box: 5880 AJ, Al Jurf, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Street, Industrial 3, Ajman,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Phone no. - +971 6 545 3200

Email id -

FAQs about Concrete Core Drilling In Dubai

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions given below about Concrete Core Drilling In Dubai:

Question 1) Which is the best company for Concrete Core Drilling In Dubai?

Answer: Al Sarh Technical Services Company is best for Concrete core drilling in Dubai.

Question 2) Does Al Sarh Technical Services Company offer costly services?

Answer: No, they are renowned for superior quality and affordable price.

Question 3) Is core cutting safe?

Answer: Concrete core drilling is safe if used by a professional.

Question 4) How much time does the concrete core drilling process take?

Answer: It depends on the area of the structure. 

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